Stories have become an important part of our lives. The habit of listening, watching, and reading stories developed when we were kids. From bedtime stories to your favourite movie, all have emotions that moved you. But what if someone makes you part of a story even without your realisation? That’s how the new era is pushing the boundaries of storytelling and marketing.

Lil Nas X for his new song Montero released his collection of Nike Satan shoes with a drop of human blood in them. There were only 666 shoes, and all of them sold out within a minute. The…

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Were you also one among the 1 billion who believed a report which stated that India is going to be the fastest growing economy in the country? Did you think citizens of India would not dance but make money moves? Unfortunately, the bubble popped too soon by the GDP of India.

The press notes by the National Statistical Office (NSO) was released on 31st August 2020 stating the estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to -23.9% in the first quarter (Q1): January to March. I consider the contraction being the worst in Indian economy. It associates the sharp fall with…

Independency is a drug that we all wished to taste when we were young. From having our own house to earning a seven-figure salary, we think that is what will give us freedom or as they say ‘make us stand on our two feet.’ But as we grow up, we realise that being independent is difficult and has many layers. Even though some layers are visible, there are things we depend on without even realising. …

Varsha. L

If words were Symphonies, I’m the Maestro.

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